Philippe Sawicki - Full Stack Developer & Digital Analyst

Philippe Sawicki

Full Stack Developer & Digital Analyst

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I am at my best when presented with a complex task and an idea of the intended final result and it is up to me to find and create a simple solution.

I like clean, clear and elegant solutions to seemingly difficult problems, because it is in the challenge of solving a problem that I can express creativity, and ultimately providing a great experience to the end user. Nobody is satisfied when forced to use convoluted ways to complete a task, much less when it has to be repeated frequently. User and creators/developers all deserve to fulfill their needs.

That is why I always go for the stable, maintainable, robust and extendable architecture over the quick and dirty fix.

A well thought-out solution stands the test of time, and costs much less time and money to everyone. It provides a much more satisfactory experience, and allows all people involved to spend more time doing what makes them good at their jobs, instead of scrambling to fix issues that never cease to arise.

I believe it is the collective efforts of a well-balanced, creative team that makes a product stand out, while making the day-to-day tasks more fulfilling as everyone gets time to shine and learn from the common knowledge and experience of the group. Passionate people who love their jobs bring people together to move forward, and it is in that environment that people excel.

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